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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Water Damage in Zionsville from a Pipe Burst

This water damage to the ceiling was caused by a burst pipe from a bathtub in the level above. Water was running out the recessed lights and drywall was falling... READ MORE

Pipe Burst Under Kitchen Floor

At first glance of the "before" picture, most homeowners would think it can never look the same as it once was. Luckily for this home owner our response time an... READ MORE

Sewage Loss

This flooded restroom located in Lafayette, IN was a result of a sewage backup, which led to flooding. As you can see in the photos there was still some standin... READ MORE

Mold Damage to Bathroom Closet

This mold damaged bathroom closet was a result of a water line puncture in a pipe behind the wall of the adjoining bathroom. This water line drip had been going... READ MORE

15 Year Leak Leading to Mold Build Up

This loss, same loss as the bathroom closet was due to a water line puncture in the wall of the bathroom. The drip in the water line had been going on for 15 ye... READ MORE

Loft Fire

This family’s home suffered from a fire caused by an electrical fire. It’s always devastating when a family experiences a house fire, but SERVPRO of... READ MORE

Car Fire Lighting House On Fire

It's always a sad and terrible thing when something unexpected happens to your family's home. Arriving on seen of a car catching on fire and igniting the house ... READ MORE

Commercial Property Bathroom Leak

Owning a commercial property is a great investment but also a stressful thing to manage. Protect your great investment with the right back up and the best busin... READ MORE

Basement Leak

A water leak in the basement is not something you want to wake up to or even deal with, no one does. That is why this client of ours trusted us and our technici... READ MORE

House Fire Sealed

One major issue after a residential fire is sealing it correctly and properly removing all contaminants. Luckily for you, your local SERVPRO in Boone and Clinto... READ MORE

Branch Fell Through The Roof

We all have been there before. Sitting on the couch and all of the sudden we hear a loud crackling noise then a big bang. We go outside to find a decent size br... READ MORE

Electrical Fire Cleanup

This client of our called us with an electrical box fire that thankfully didn't do to much damage with the flames of the burning fire. But that is just the thin... READ MORE

A Storm Can Cause More Than Outside Effects

This client of ours was hit hard while at home during a massive poor down in our area causing massive flooding down in the basement. Who should you think of whe... READ MORE

Call Us Whenever We Are Needed

Not only will we make a crisis look "Like it never even happened." But we will work around the clock to efficiently execute our attack plan just like we did for... READ MORE

Not Just A Mold Company

Us here at SERVPRO of Boone and Clinton Counties are a lot more than just a mold company. We also do a lot of other things that you can browse through here! Our... READ MORE

When in Doubt, Call Us.

This client of ours suffered a water loss in the basement with a lot of his storage being down there as well. Not only do we take all the water out and demo it ... READ MORE

Choose Us When It Comes To Disasters

This client of ours suffered a 3 level water loss. Causing damage to their beautiful ranch style house at 6 A.M in the morning. They gave us a call right away. ... READ MORE

Flooded Basement From A Storm? Call Us!

Nothing is worse then waking up from after a stormy night and finding your valuables in your basement under water. We value our customers items just as much as ... READ MORE

Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial clients are always asking us to go above and beyond with their work that require us. We continue to strive to always continue to grow our outreac... READ MORE

Commercial Remediation

To our fellow commercial property leases and or owners, here at the Boone and Clinton Counties SERVPRO we continue to strive to make our commercial clients comf... READ MORE

Storm Flooded Basement

When storms come, most of the time our basements are one of the most frequent things that get the worst of it. Luckily here at SERVPRO, when your basement flood... READ MORE

Commercial Fungus Removal

Commercial properties tend to have fungus appear from time to time. Due to the large space it is hard to manage every aspect of the building and figure out wher... READ MORE

Bathroom remodel

This before and after picture is of a bathroom for one of our customers in Zionsville, IN. She wanted us to redo the whole bathroom for her after she had some w... READ MORE

Furnished Basement Flood

This flooded basement in Zionsville, IN was the result of a failed sump pump. When this customer got home from vacation, he found 6 inches of water standing thr... READ MORE

Attic Fire

This attic in Frankfort, IN was the aftermath of a small attic fire. The damage of the fire and water that put out the fire made us have to demo and rebuild som... READ MORE

Kitchen remodel

A homeowner in Frankfort contacted us about remodeling their kitchen while they were gone on vacation. They wanted us to take out the old kitchen counter and ca... READ MORE

Commercial Clean

This Frito Lay facility in Frankfort, IN called us to come in and clean their corn mill while their employees were off for the weekend. We took in a couple lift... READ MORE