Recent Before & After Photos

Inside Refrigerator Cleaning

This refrigerator was in the kitchen of a business that we did a cleaning for. We cleaned the entire kitchen inside and out. Notice the grime on the bottom of t... READ MORE

Before/After Tray Cleaning

These trays were in the kitchen of a cleaning we did. Notice how dirty and grimy the trays were from being used. The after picture shows spotless and shiny like... READ MORE

Wallpaper Removal and Painting

This room in the basement of a home in Lebanon, IN had wallpaper throughout the room. We were called in to remove the wallpaper and paint it white. The after pi... READ MORE

Attic Bedroom Impacted by Storm

This attic in Frankfort, IN was the result of a bad storm that had caused damage to the roof of the home. Notice that the particle board that was under the wood... READ MORE

Conference Room

This flooded conference room in Frankfort, IN was the result of a water backup that started in the kitchen. The water impacted most of the offices and as you ca... READ MORE

Bathroom Cleanup

This bathroom in Crawfordsville, IN was the result of mice and other animals finding their way in the home while the house was vacant. The after picture was tak... READ MORE

Wallpaper Removal and Paint

These walls that had wallpaper heading down into the basement was old and were fading. The customer wanted us to go in and take off the wallpaper going down int... READ MORE

Frito Lay Cleaning

These pictures are from a part of the Frito Lay facility that we do yearly cleanings at. As the RAMS move throughout the rows to get chips, some parts of the wo... READ MORE

Cabin Cleanup

This very messy cabin in Frankfort, IN was the result of one or more raccoons living inside for over a year. The owners currently live in North Carolina and du... READ MORE

Cooler Fire at Bakery

This cooler fire happened in the lobby of the Flour Mill Bakery in Rossville, IN. The fire started sometime in the early morning, but luckily a staff member arr... READ MORE