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water in a basement

Storm Water Loss

This was the aftermath of a storm that went through the Zionsville area. The sump pump got over worked and shut off for a short period of time. After contacting us and telling us what had happened, we had the customer tap on the sump pump and of course it came back on. The owners were pleased with our fast arrival and knowledge of everything. We were able to get the floor and all contents that were on the ground dried in just a couple of days.

Attic with new drywall

Attic Replaced with Drywall

This is the aftermath of replacing an attic with drywall and painting. Before the drywall, they had wood panels and they were letting water. After fixing the issue and taking down all of the panels, we then went in and put drywall up. The owner of the home and the tenant that lives there were both very pleased. The tenant could not wait to be able to use the attic for a craft room or play room for the kiddos.

A dirty cabin due to racoons and being vacant

Cabin Mess

This was the aftermath of a cabin being left vacant for two years. Raccoons and other rodents made this cabin their home for the time the owners were away living in another state. The owners could not believe the timeliness and professionalism that our team portrayed. We were able to clean up the entire cabin in just a day. They were very thankful for our service and kindness throughout the entire process. We pride ourselves on not only the work we do but also our professionalism and how we interact with customers. 

Bunch of debris under a machinery

Debris Cleanup

This is the aftermath of a years worth of debris falling from broken down boards, bags of chips, or anything else that could find its way under the machinery. Since some of the debris is there for a long period of time, it begins to stick to the ground and some even turns into grime. SERVPRO goes in once a year and cleans under each lane and the maintenance crew and supervisors always love the work we do and how quickly we can get it done. For this cleaning, we go in super early in the morning and finish by early afternoon, so they can prepare the machinery for second and third shifts to start back up. 

Dirty bathroom that has been vacant for months

Bathroom Mess

This photo shows a bathroom in a house that was vacant for many months. Animals had found their way inside the home while it was empty and made it their own. The owner of the home contacted us to come in and clean the entirety of the home after they had found the big mess that was left. We cleaned surfaces, floor, ceiling, walls, shower, doors and door trims, windows and inside of cabinets. This was a deep clean, but our team went in and got it done in just a couple of days. If you have a big clean that you are putting off, call us and we will make it "Like it never even happened."

Cafeteria Flooded

Commercial Cafeteria Flood

This was the aftermath of a water loss caused by backflow or a pipe bursting underground. When we got the call, they said that there was water coming from a drain like a fountain. We hurried over there and took care of the office spaces, hallways, conference rooms and the cafeteria that was impacted by the water. The lead for the factory was very thankful that we were so close by and got there so quickly. We minimized the damaged that could have been and were able to get everything dry faster than they thought it would take. 

A basement flooded due to storm

Sump Pump Malfunction

This was the aftermath of a basement in Zionsville. There was a lot of water in the basement due to the sump pump being overworked by the storm that night. The owner called us and we were there within the hour to start mitigating and start the drying process. The owner was very pleased with our professionalism and knowledge. All of his questions were answered and he was at ease when our technicians left the house. We not only fix the problems, we also educate about everything that is going on.

Burnt Meat Cooler

Bakery Fire

This is the aftermath of a cooler fire that started early in the morning. Due to the fire, smoke and soot spread throughout the building causing the bakery to have to be closed for a few days and losing all of their baked products. The owner called us in hopes that we could come in and get it taken care of quickly so she did not lose much business. We were able to get there and get the whole place cleaned within two work days. The owner was so thankful and amazed with the short turnaround. 

Hole in roof from tree falling

Tree Falls Due to Storm

This is the aftermath of a tree falling on top of a house during a storm. Luckily no one was in the room that the tree impacted and everyone was okay. Our team responded and got everything taken care of. The owners praised us for our professionalism and timeliness throughout the whole process. SERVPRO of Boone & Clinton Counties are here when you need us and will respond any day, anytime. Give us a call (765) 659-9600.

Flooded basement

Basement Flood

This picture shows the aftermath of a sump pump failure. The failure happened while the family was not home and ended up flooding their entire basement. When returning home and noticing the water, they contacted us and we responded immediately. The owners were so thankful that we could make it so quickly and get the water soaked up. We saved most if not all of their furniture in the basement. They gave us their highest praise and said they are life long customers. If you need our assistance, give us a call (765) 659-9600.

Burnt door from fire

Fire Damage

This is the aftermath of a house fire that left a good portion of the house charred. The was significant smoke and soot damage. We responded and had all contents removed that the customer wanted out and things demoed. The owner could not be more thankful for everything that we did and the timely manner that we did it in. He was also thankful that we were able to answer all the questions that he had and that we kept him updated on everything that we had done. We are always available and make it "Like it never even happened."

Burnt wall after a fire

Aftermath of Fire

This is the aftermath of a fire that took out a good portion of the house. When we arrived, there was significant damage done to multiple walls, floor and ceiling. We got it all taken care of and the owner thought we would be there longer than we were. We are always available, give us a call (765) 659-9600.

Furnished Basement Flooded

Flooded Basement

This was the aftermath of a sump pump that went out while the family was on vacation. Water was filling up the basement for about 5 days before the family got back. The carpet was destroyed, but we were able to save most if not all of the furniture. The owner could not believe how fast we responded on a Saturday night and got all the water drained. We made it "Like it never even happened."

Fungus Growth

Call Us For Mold Inspections Today

We value our clients discretion and we value our properties that we work on. Day in and day out we strive to make our work the best you can get. Call us today at (765) 659-9600.

Commercial Repairs

Commercial Repairs

Commercial properties are always difficult to maintain and manage. Luckily for our clients, we specialize in all of your commercial property needs. All the way from a simple cleaning in the office to HVAC cleaning, we are the people to call!

Hail Storm

Hail Storm

This client of ours called us after a massive wind and hail storm. If you ever go through a storm and witness damage. SERVPRO is here to help every step of the way. 

Wind Storm

Tree Fell Through Roof

Getting a call from a client after a storm is never a good thing. Luckily for this client the only thing that was hurt was a tree and her roof.

Roof Leak

Roof Leak After A Storm

This client of ours called us after a tornado storm struck our area after wind had torn the roof and caused leaking throughout the house. Call us today at (765) 659-9600.

Water Damage from Storm

Crawl Space Flooding from Storm

Crawl spaces are notorious moisture catchers when it comes to storms and floods. This client called us after a long rain storm and flooding down in their crawl space. Call us today!

Fire Damage

Assessing The Damage

Assessing the damage after a fire and understanding what can stay and go is one element to many that we and our technicians understand at SERVPRO. Trust us, the professionals.

Black Soot

Removing Soot

The worst thing after a fire that doesn't do too much damage is the remains of the soot and the odor. Our technicians our professionals at doing so and pride themselves on doing it correctly.

Fire Clean Up

Removing Contaminated Items From Fire

Removing and replacing the contaminants from a fire is one of the many jobs we do here at SERVPRO. If you are ever faced with a house fire in Boone and Clinton Counties make sure you give us a call!

Fire Damage

Residential Fire Damage

A house fire is nothing anyone wants to deal with or go through. Here at SERVPRO we pride ourselves on making things "Like it never even happened." Call us today at (765) 659-6900.

Commercial Bathroom Cleanup

Cleaning Commercial Bathrooms

During this crazy time keeping every place in your commercial property sanitized is huge. Especially your bathrooms. Here at SERVPRO we can do that just for you! Call us today.

Our Fans Going to Work

Drying Out

Our technicians work hard to make sure we can salvage anything when your house is affected by a water leak or water damage. This picture shows our dedication to making sure we can dry out what we can rather than ripping it all out, saving you money.

Our Technicians Working Hard

Water Leak

Our technicians and us as a whole business promise to provide our best and quality work when it comes to your disaster. We are only as best as our last job so we make every job our possible best.

Leak In Commercial Property Lobby

Leak on Lobby

Manage or own a commercial property? Our ready program provides on call and ready to go app for our commercial property clients such as this one where all they have to do is tap a button and we will be there!

Removing Dywall

Drywall Removed from Water Damage

Removing drywall due to a leak or any water damage is a big key if it has been touched by water. But removing it the right way and not just ripping it out is what we do here at SERVPRO of Boone and Clinton County. 

Loaded Truck

Truck After Water Job

Worried about getting rid of all the stuff that terrible leak soaked in your house? Don't worry with us! We take all of the water touched items when you call us and dispose of them responsibly!

Commercial Property

Water Leak at a Commercial Property

Contact SERVPRO today if you own or rent out a commercial place and have a water leak! It is always unfortunate when these things happen. But trust the right business and let's make it "Like it never even happened."

American Red Cross

American Red Cross

SERVPRO is a proud national sponsor of the American Red Cross. Together we work with businesses to make sure they are ready for a disaster by the Ready Rating Plan. Take a minute to check out the program. 


24 Hour Service

Disasters rarely happen at a convenient time. Do you know we have 24 hour service available? Our trucks are ready no matter what time life hits you. Call us at (765)659-9600.

Front office

New Office

We have moved locations but still have the same great service. Stop by and say hi at 55 East Morrison, Frankfort, Indiana 46041. We would love to explain our process and how we can make things go smoothly for you. Call us at (765) 659-9600.  

Ready App

Mobile App

We are making it faster to connect with us with our SERVPRO Ready Plan Mobile App. Download the App today on your smartphone and help with be at your fingertips. This is huge for our commercial clients.

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We recently moved to a new office location. Call us for your emergency water any time 24 hours per day. We're here to help make it "Like it never even happened."